SMB Podcast - S2 - E2 - The Value of Social Media

The Value of Social Media

Join us on this episode of the SoulMinded Business Podcast as we talk to Jamie Smith, the founder of strategysmith marketing.

Over the past decade, social media has changed how we interact with one another, how companies do business with customers, and how we interpret the world around us. At its best, social media connects us to one another and helps businesses create a loyal following of brand advocates.

Done poorly or without strategy, social media can get messy for a business. We can all recall examples of when marketing campaigns hit the wrong note or caused more harm than good for a company.

There is no question of the importance of social media in our lives. Now, more than ever, businesses and individuals should be clear about their tone, messaging, intent, and goals when using social media. Without much opportunity for face-to-face interaction, online perceptions and messages determine how people receive a company or individual and form opinions.

Jamie Smith spends time on this episode discussing the importance of an intentional strategy. She has a wide range of experience and has helped many companies create a social media plan (digital marketing strategy). She also discusses how the landscape of digital marketing has shifted in light of 2020’s events and what meaning it holds for individuals and companies moving forward. Listen in as she shares her view of how to be successful on this very important medium.

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