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10 Things That Will Bust Up Your Life

10 Things That Will Bust Up Your Life This post is the first in a two-part series. This one is about “what to do to bust up your life”. The next one is “what to do to build it back again”. Be cautious with this one. Many of these steps “should not be tried at home”... Unless of course your intent is to bust up your life. Listen to the right ( or wrong depending on how you look at it) podcasts. On your way to work, on the treadmill, etc. find a few podcasts to expand your view of...


One More Step The journey of an entrepreneur is a very difficult one, which is why very few will take the path and succeed. The amount of work involved, the high level of uncertainty and the risk will often deter someone from starting or cause someone to stop once they have made that leap into it. There are days when the thing that you want to do is stay in bed and hope that when you do get some sleep (sleep deprivation is a real problem) that any dreams are pleasant ones. One famous entrepreneur admitted to having days when...

I Made Mom Cry

I could tell something was up with my mom. We talk often about what is going on with one another, but recently she had been more reserved when it came to what my family was doing. Mimi (mom) is not one to hold her tongue, but for the past few months, she was slow to speak.  I finally caught her during a walk one day and asked pointedly what was up. “Are you and Robin getting a divorce?”  Surprised, I said, “No,” and asked what would give her that impression.  “Well, you sold your house and a lot of the...

Let Go of Stuff

Let Go of Stuff “I would like to stop something that most don’t do at this time of the year, and drop my membership.”  I was at the local YMCA in January and was dropping a membership that had been active for over 7 years but had not been used but a handful of times in the past 2 years. Our family is involved in martial arts, and we live in a community with plenty of outside trails and paths. The Y membership is a great deal for those that use it at $79 a month, but for us, it...

What Defines You

We are all in pursuit of more joy, happiness and peace. Easy right? Maybe not, especially if you've forgotten how it feels. In order to find more joy, it is important to first consider what might be creating a block. What is causing that block or clouding the view of what you are after? This is the first place to start because if we look too far out at the ideal situation, we will miss what is right in front of us. Start by considering what is most important to you. Is it recognition, winning at whatever field you are...

Find It – Your True Calling From Within

It is pretty common these days to hear people talk about finding your why, your calling, or your purpose. It is as if we have started searching for something more than what we are receiving today. There is a general sense of yearning or a cry that says, “Is this all that there is?” The unfortunate thing is that many of us will never start this search. Some may start but never find the answer. There are a few, however, that will get it right and live the life they imagined. Here are a few pointers to help you on your journey...
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