Season 3 Episode 16 Stay Crafty with Shruti Singh

Stay Crafty with Shruti Singh

My name is Shruti Singh, I live in Fort Mill, SC with my husband and two boys. I am a stay at home mother.

I have always loved crafting, my oldest memory is making a doll house with cardboards . I have always been crafty, I like to make décor items, jewelry etc. which I use to sell, had a blog and still have a Facebook page where I share my latest projects I do.

After my older son’s diagnosis (he has Autism), I tried to work with him with arts and crafts and I saw that his eyes will lit up every time I give him paintbrush or glue. So I started incorporating more and more ideas to get him involved in arts and crafts by making it simple, easy and fun. So we do a lot of crafting together.

During this pandemic, one of my friends asked me to do art session for other kids who have special needs and I started doing online sessions with the kids. They love every craft we did because of the simple ideas and techniques involved. I met JD 3 years back while taking my son for Taekwondo lessons and I was touched by how amazing he is with kids and I am grateful that he has provided me with this opportunity.

I have 3 core principles for each of my sessions:

  1. Making it fun – Easy to follow instructions is not at all stressful to kids
  2. Learning – There is always some new techniques you will learn or enhance your existing skills
  3. Being creative and confident – Each session allows you to do things differently, not necessarily do exactly what I ask. So you can be creative and I am sure it will boost your confidence.

The things which we will use will be items which you can find at home and I hope that you will love it.

Stay Crafty!

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