Ried Family – Dravet Syndrome

Ben and Misty Ried live in Fort Mill, SC with their two children, Braxton and Allie.  Braxton lives with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy for which there is no cure.

Since their son’s diagnosis, their mission in life is to spread awareness about Dravet syndrome, mentor parents of newly diagnosed children and help raise funds for patient assistance and research. Misty started working for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation in late 2016.

Ried Family Portrait

The Ried family shares their time and experience, as well as what they want people to understand about their son’s not-always-obvious daily struggles. Their story is informative, heartbreaking, and a good reminder to all of us that everyone is walking around with burdens we may not be aware of - spread kindness.

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