Soul Minded Business Podcast - Season 3 - Episode 8- Sharmila Iqbal - Personal Growth

Personal Growth – With SHARMILA IQBAL

Sharmila Iqbal is the Founder and Principal Consultant at SiQ Consulting Services LLC. This practice is a result of her passion to help more companies utilize their supply chain and operations functions as competitive forces to grow, operate efficiently and exceed customer expectations.

Sharmila is a Supply Chain, Logistics, and Operations consultant with 15 years of experience working in E-Commerce, Retail Store Management, Third Party Logistics, and Digital Freight Brokerage. She has deep functional expertise in building end-to-end global supply chain capabilities from the ground up, supply chain optimization, E-Commerce fulfillment and logistics; cross border logistics, and product operations. She spent 5+ years at Amazon building, launching, and managing global supply chain solutions and operations.

Sharmil Iqbal Portrait

She has built and operated B2B and B2C global supply chain/logistics solutions that challenged and changed the status quo with suppliers, carriers/providers, and customs processes.

Sharmila left a comfortable role at a massive company to start her own company to push her growth limitations and put herself back in a position of discomfort to continue to challenge herself. She followed her instincts and started SiQ Consulting Services.

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling too comfortable, too limited, or falling into a rut, this episode might just be what you need to hear to find a spark.


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