People Make the Difference

During this episode of the SoulMinded Business Podcast we have a conversation with Aaron Witt, the Chief Dirt Nerd of Build Witt ( Yes, that is correct - The Chief Dirt Nerd.

Aaron is the 25 year old founder of the company but is wise beyond his years. He discusses how he got into a business that is often overlooked regarding opportunities, and how he intends to change some perceptions. It is very clear early on that his company is based on taking care of people and encouraging others to do the same.

Key points that we cover:

  • “People make the difference. Time to shine the light on them.”
  • “Stay humble or be humbled.”
  • “Leadership through transparency.”
  • “Excellence is a habit.”

Aaron’s approach towards life is encouraging and refreshing as we focus on some timeless business practices that are very important for long term success.

From a personal standpoint, we get into how his parents encouraged him to find his way. “I was born and handed a winning lottery ticket and just have to cash it in” is an outlook on life that many of us should remember.

We end on a discussion of “chasing what truly excites you is the best way to live.” If you can’t find what excites you, keep trying until you land on the right thing. In time you will find it.

Listen in and enjoy!


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