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One More Step

The journey of an entrepreneur is a very difficult one, which is why very few will take the path and succeed. The amount of work involved, the high level of uncertainty and the risk will often deter someone from starting or cause someone to stop once they have made that leap into it.

There are days when the thing that you want to do is stay in bed and hope that when you do get some sleep (sleep deprivation is a real problem) that any dreams are pleasant ones. One famous entrepreneur admitted to having days when she would just lay on the floor and weep.

Very few admit it, but the anguish is real and it certainly has been for me.

So what to do?

Each day take one more step towards where you want to go, even if only a small one. On the days when you don't feel like running, walk. We all want days where we have our personal best at the 5K or marathon, but there are days that all you can do is walk and walking is better than nothing.

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Rather than stay in bed or do nothing for a day, get up, make a list and take one more step towards that goal.

You will find that over time you condition yourself as someone that gets up regardless of the circumstances and this is where one of the most important traits comes in, grit. Developing grit is an important part of achieving any dream.

Next time you think of giving up on the pursuit of your dream, don't! Just take one more step! They add up.

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