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JD Ross White

In 2019, JD Ross launched the Soul Minded Business Podcast to explore and spotlight individuals, small/large business owners and organizations that demonstrate high-principled business and personal life practices. Looking for the best that leadership has to offer, JD speaks with those who intentionally add value to everyone they encounter. He taps into the heart of the human condition by sharing their inspiring stories.

Don't miss out. Tune into JD's infectious, soul minded conversations and find out how you can start approaching business and life with a purpose.

Latest Soul Minded Podcasts

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Soul Minded Business Podcast S2-E11-Get Better


This is the last podcast for Season 2. The next season will start the beginning of August and we are...
Soul Minded Business Podcast S2-E10 - The Importance of Core Values

The Importance of Core Values

Raj Anand is the CEO of Southern States (https://www.southernstatesllc.com), a company that has grown significantly under his leadership based on...
Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E9 Do What You Enjoy with MArilyn Doss

Do What You Enjoy

This episode of The SoulMinded Business Podcast is a fun conversation with Marilyn Doss. Marilyn started a dog grooming business...

People Make the Difference

During this episode of the SoulMinded Business Podcast we have a conversation with Aaron Witt, the Chief Dirt Nerd of...
Soul Minded Business Podcast S2-E7-What is Your Superpower?

What is Your Superpower?

Have you ever wondered what you are naturally gifted to do? What would it feel like to be in a...
Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E6 Traveling Example of Customer Service

Traveling Example of Customer Service

Our guest on this podcast is Cameron Lickle. Cameron was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in 2003....
Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E5 Fear and Doubt

Fear and Doubt

Fear and doubt is something that many of us know all about when facing new challenges and uncertain times. This...
Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E4 A Second Chance At Liife

A Second Chance At Life

Alex Evers was the picture of health and running a very successful martial arts studio. Business was good, so good...
SMB Podcast - Parenting During COVID-19

Parenting During COVID-19

This week’s podcast is by special request from some of our listeners. We are in unprecedented times and one of...
SMB Podcast - S2 - E2 - The Value of Social Media

The Value of Social Media

Join us on this episode of the SoulMinded Business Podcast as we talk to Jamie Smith, the founder of strategysmith...
SMB Podcast - S2 - E1 - Raising Social Entrepreneurs


Olivia West is the cofounder of Champions of Change. It was established in 2013 by her sons Jeremiah West (now...
SMB Podcast E10 - Right Next Step


Not matter where you are in life, you're likely facing some kinds of crossroads. Whether it be business, relationships or...


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