Let Go of Stuff

Let Go of Stuff

Let Go of Stuff

“I would like to stop something that most don’t do at this time of the year, and drop my membership.” 

I was at the local YMCA in January and was dropping a membership that had been active for over 7 years but had not been used but a handful of times in the past 2 years. Our family is involved in martial arts, and we live in a community with plenty of outside trails and paths. The Y membership is a great deal for those that use it at $79 a month, but for us, it did not make sense. 

When we look at the math:

$79 per month X 36 months = $2,844

Let’s say that we used it 10 times in three years (10 good times but that is another post). 

$2,844/10 = $284.40 per visit.  What?!

That is a lot to spend and is perfectly good money that I could spend on another fad diet (sarcasm intended). 

Although the math makes no sense, you would have thought that I was giving up my dog. A lump actually came up in my throat when I asked the lady to stop the membership. There is something about giving up things that makes us feel awkward, and it’s a feeling that I am now embracing as we free ourselves of more expenditures that do not make sense (phone bills, movie subscriptions, cable options, memberships, etc…). 

There is certainly nothing wrong with having these things, but you have to consider the value. The value of the money, time spent and the thought of knowing it is hanging over your head. 

Try this simple process: make a list of the outflow of money and ask yourself: “Is it worth it?”


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