I Made Mom Cry

I could tell something was up with my mom. We talk often about what is going on with one another, but recently she had been more reserved when it came to what my family was doing. Mimi (mom) is not one to hold her tongue, but for the past few months, she was slow to speak. 

I finally caught her during a walk one day and asked pointedly what was up.

“Are you and Robin getting a divorce?” 

Surprised, I said, “No,” and asked what would give her that impression. 

“Well, you sold your house and a lot of the stuff in it, and I thought maybe that was the beginning of a split.”

I should have expected it because we received some odd responses when friends and family heard what we were doing. Questions about financial difficulties, divorce, and even mental stability were presented to us. 

None of which was the case (although the mental stability part is sometimes one that I question myself). 

We had just decided, at a time in life when most are accumulating stuff, to go the opposite direction. Like most situations when you step outside of the norm, you can expect the questions to start. 

I am not saying that we will not go back to accumulating or move up to a bigger house, but this time around we plan to get the order right. 

Relationships, time, giving, pursuit of purpose - all things that should always be first and with material things coming in a distant second. 

“No, Mom. We are cool for now.”


JD Ross is the host of the Soul Minded Business podcast which is dedicated to approaching life and business with a purpose. To learn more about the podcast, listen to past episodes, read about the guests on the show, or to subscribe, click here.


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