Fitness & Nutrition with Sergio Rojas

This episode is with Sergio Rojas. Sergio is a personal transformation coach with 24+ years experience as a functional movement specialist, holistic nutritionist and wellness coach. He was on NBC in Chicago for 11 years doing weekly health and wellness segments; he’s been on the Today Show; the Dr. Oz Show - was a runner up for Trainer of the Year; he was appointed by the White House in 2009 as Executive Director for President’s Council on Fitness Sports and Nutrition.

Sergio has taken his expertise and over the past 7 years, focused on taking his work and passion to helping companies with Culture Change, led by Awareness, Wellness and Leadership. He just finished a four year contract helping truck drivers and has launched his new consulting company, ALIVE Consulting (Awakened Leadership Inspired by Values of Excellence).

Listen and enjoy!


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