Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E5 Fear and Doubt

Fear and Doubt

Fear and doubt is something that many of us know all about when facing new challenges and uncertain times. This can be forced on us by risks that we take, when we attempt to learn something new, hardships that we encounter or the actions of those around us. It can get to the point where the level of fear can be debilitating if we are not careful.

The current environment has caused many of us to feel more uncertainty as we deal with what many are calling “unprecedented times”. We live in days when there has not been any history to help us determine what the future will hold for so many of us.

What do we do? How do we ease some of the fear? What kind of actions should we be taking? Who should we believe?

JD looks back at a source for answers to search for what kind of action we should be taking. We look over a story that would put any of us in the highest level of fear and see how the main character is instructed to deal with the fear.

During these challenging times we hope this message helps.


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