Soul Minded Business Podcast - Season 3 - Episode 10 - Alex Evers - Faith and Martial Arts

Faith and Martial Arts – with ALEX EVERS

Alex Evers, owner of the Stillwater, OK martial arts studio that was voted Best Martial Arts Studio, is a successful businessman, is a man of faith, and is very familiar with overcoming obstacles.

Alex returns to the podcast to talk about a topic that isn’t always discussed: faith’s role in martial arts. “And at the same time we work on life skills, focus, confidence, discipline, strength, building coordination, you know, things like that. And although martial arts in itself, I don't think is inherently religious. I think it can be very spiritual.”


Alex talks about the misunderstandings he’s faced from parents when they’re considering enrolling their kids in his martial arts program and how he addresses those questions.

He also describes leadership, as he sees it and practices it, in the martial arts industry. JD talks to Alex about the role of servant leadership in the practice and how it shows up in day-to-day interactions.

We had such a great response to Alex’s previous time on the podcast, and we are so thrilled to have him back as a guest in Season 3!


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