Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E9 Do What You Enjoy with MArilyn Doss

Do What You Enjoy

This episode of The SoulMinded Business Podcast is a fun conversation with Marilyn Doss.

Marilyn started a dog grooming business 18 years ago in the oldest town in Oklahoma….Fort Gibson. She has since sold the business but continues to work there since it is what she “loves to do.”

Prior to starting her dog grooming business, she was a cab driver. This is not a combination that you hear very often.

During this podcast we discuss her knowledge of dogs and how she made that business successful, and also her experience of being a cab driver. We even get into a brief discussion of her ability (or lack of ability) to pick me.

We end on the key question of Marilyn’s view of how to have a successful life.

  1. “Be happy with yourself”. Get comfortable with who you are and what you are about.
  2. “Do what you enjoy”. Find what gives you joy and stay with it. There might be some experimenting involved but keep looking.
  3. “Grow a backbone.” Don’t let others control who you are, what you do or how you feel about yourself.

All 3 are key points to remember in pursuit of a successful life.

Words of wisdom from our first ever “Dog Whisperer”.


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