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Let Go of Stuff

Let Go of Stuff

Let Go of Stuff “I would like to stop something that most don’t do at this time of the year, and drop my membership.”  I was at the local YMCA in January and was dropping a membership that had been active for over 7 years but had not been used but a handful of times ... Read More

What Defines You?

What Defines You

We are all in pursuit of more joy, happiness and peace. Easy right? Maybe not, especially if you've forgotten how it feels. In order to find more joy, it is important to first consider what might be creating a block. What is causing that block or clouding the view of what you are after? This ... Read More

Find your purpose, your calling, your reason why

Find It – Your True Calling From Within

It is pretty common these days to hear people talk about finding your why, your calling, or your purpose. It is as if we have started searching for something more than what we are receiving today. There is a general sense of yearning or a cry that says, “Is this all that there is?” The unfortunate thing ... Read More


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