JD Ross

SMB Podcast E10 - Right Next Step


Not matter where you are in life, you’re likely facing some kinds of crossroads. Whether it be business, relationships or passion, you need to have a clear view of what steps are next. In today’s episode, host JD Ross talks about how to identify the most important factors in making your next decision about what’s the best next step.

SMB Podcast E9 - Eye On the Prize


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, or just setting a goal, you need to focus on the results you want to see. In today’s episode of the Soul Minded Business podcast, host JD Ross talks about the three things you need to do to keep your eye on the prize. You’ll hear about the importance of visualizing the outcomes you want, and how to manifest your dreams into reality.

SMB Podcast E8 - Who Are You?


On today’s episode of the Soul Minded Business podcast, JD Ross asks you about the things that make you who you are. JD talks about how identity is formed through life changing experiences.


In this episode of the Soul Minded Business Podcast, host JD Ross speaks solo and from the heart about the significance of 3 AM. Not just the mere moment of time, but the thoughts, ideas and people that occupy your mind and your life in that time.

Bob Burg

Bob Burg

Marketing and sales in business is often times like telling a story. A good story about a brand, a product or a person can be the difference in making the sale and being left out in the cold. Our guest today on the Soul Minded Business podcast, wrote the book on sales and influence. Bob …

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Justin Adams

The path to entrepreneurship is never an easy one. Justin Adams knows this as well as anyone. Like many first-time business owners, Justin made the leap to entrepreneurship out of the trappings of a full time job. In today’s episode of Soul Minded Business, host JD Ross sits down with Justin to talk about the process of growing his business, The philosophies that drive him, and how he stays at the top of his game. Find out more about JD Ross and Soul Minded Business by visiting us at soulmindedbusiness.com.

I Made Mom Cry

I could tell something was up with my mom. We talk often about what is going on with one another, but recently she had been more reserved when it came to what my family was doing. Mimi (mom) is not one to hold her tongue, but for the past few months, she was slow to …

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