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SMB Podcast- S3-E17-Called-to-Pastor-and-Teach-Don-Etters

Called to Pastor & Teach with Don Etters

In this episode of the Soul Minded Business Podcast JD has a conversation with Don Etters. Don is the Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Chester, SC and talks about how he was called into the ministry at the age of 55. Don and JD have a wide ranging discussion that covers Don’s journey into pursuing his calling, parenting, complacency and forgiveness. Listen and enjoy.  ... Read More

Soul Minded Business Podcast - S3-E12- The Right Kind of Connections with Sarge Summers

The Right Kind of Connections – with Sarge Summers

In this episode of the SoulMinded Business JD talks with Sarge Summers. Sarge is the Founder and President of Oil Fields International Connections. Sarge is an entrepreneur and loves to assist others in this area. He has served in the Oil & Gas Industry for the past 28 years and has a wide range of experience. He served on active duty in the United States Army from December 1970 until 1 January 1992. He is a Vietnam "Era" Veteran and he retired as a Sergeant First Class. Sarge and JD discuss the explosive growth of the networking/connections group that Sarge founded. They also discuss Sarge’s faith and what he sees as the secrets to success.  ... Read More

Soul Minded Business Podcast - S3-E11- The Best Advice I Ever Received

The Best Advice I Ever Received

In this episode JD talks about the most impactful advice that he has ever received. When the advice is applied it is a real difference maker in a career, a business, a life and the world around us. It is not easy to do ,and is not a matter of arriving, but instead of getting better each day.  ... Read More

SMB Podcast E10 - Right Next Step


Not matter where you are in life, you're likely facing some kinds of crossroads. Whether it be business, relationships or passion, you need to have a clear view of what steps are next. In today's episode, host JD Ross talks about how to identify the most important factors in making your next decision about what's the best next step. ... Read More

SMB Podcast E9 - Eye On the Prize


Whether you're an entrepreneur, athlete, or just setting a goal, you need to focus on the results you want to see. In today's episode of the Soul Minded Business podcast, host JD Ross talks about the three things you need to do to keep your eye on the prize. You'll hear about the importance of visualizing the outcomes you want, and how to manifest your dreams into reality. ... Read More

SMB Podcast E8 - Who Are You?


On today's episode of the Soul Minded Business podcast, JD Ross asks you about the things that make you who you are. JD talks about how identity is formed through life changing experiences. ... Read More


In this episode of the Soul Minded Business Podcast, host JD Ross speaks solo and from the heart about the significance of 3 AM. Not just the mere moment of time, but the thoughts, ideas and people that occupy your mind and your life in that time. ... Read More


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