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Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E6 Traveling Example of Customer Service

Traveling Example of Customer Service

WOW Sports – Traveling Example of Customer Service

Our guest on this podcast is Cameron Lickle.

Cameron was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in 2003. He was captain of the Naval Academy’s tennis team in 2002 & 2003, ranked #1 while at the Naval Academy, and selected to serve as “Captain of the Captains” by all other sports team Captains during that same year. He was Inducted to the Naval Academy Hall of Fame in 2003, served five years in the US Navy and two tours to the Gulf in Support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

Cameron is currently the CEO of WOW Sports Inc., a company that he started with Mats Wilander (former #1 tennis player in the world and winner of seven Grand Slam singles titles).

During this episode Cameron discusses his journey from pro tennis player to forming two companies, both based on the value of forming the right kind of relationship with the customer. He also covers: the importance of valuing yourself first, finding what you love to do and then putting the work in to pursue it, as well as, several other important points for anyone trying to make a positive difference in the world.

Cameron can be contacted at https://www.wilanderonwheels.com.

We appreciate the time that Cameron spent with us and know that you will find the conversion helpful in your own personal journey.

Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E5 Fear and Doubt

Fear and Doubt

Fear and doubt is something that many of us know all about when facing new challenges and uncertain times. This can be forced on us by risks that we take, when we attempt to learn something new, hardships that we encounter or the actions of those around us. It can get to the point where the level of fear can be debilitating if we are not careful.

The current environment has caused many of us to feel more uncertainty as we deal with what many are calling “unprecedented times”. We live in days when there has not been any history to help us determine what the future will hold for so many of us.

What do we do? How do we ease some of the fear? What kind of actions should we be taking? Who should we believe?

JD looks back at a source for answers to search for what kind of action we should be taking. We look over a story that would put any of us in the highest level of fear and see how the main character is instructed to deal with the fear.

During these challenging times we hope this message helps. Please feel free to reach out to us jd@soulmindedbusiness.com and subscribe on our website SoulMindedbusiness.com.

Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E4 A Second Chance At Liife

A Second Chance At Life

A life-altering moment in his 20s left Alex Eavers with a deep understanding of the power of leadership plus answers for business & life.A life-altering moment in his 20s left Alex Evers with a deep understanding of the power of leadership plus answers for business & life.

SMB Podcast - Parenting During COVID-19

Parenting During COVID-19

The recent COVID-19 stay at home orders have left many parents struggling to keep kids learning, active and feeling safe all the while keeping their own sanity in check. Beatrice Moise discusses tools, practical techniques and teaching strategies.

SMB Podcast - S2 - E1 - Raising Social Entrepreneurs


Olivia West is the cofounder of Champions of Change. It was established in 2013 by her sons Jeremiah West (now 14), and Joshua West (now 11), young social entrepreneurs with a mission to empower people of all ages to serve as “Change Agents” who look for opportunities to make a lasting impression within their communities. The West Children have recently been featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Good Morning America, ABC News, Essence Magazine and were even invited to the White House in 2016 to be recognized by President Obama for the impact that they have made on the community. Their younger sister, Jordan (9), joined their mission to help others and is having a major impact on the world in her own “little” way. Check out the story.
Join us as we discuss how to raise kids to make the world a better place by giving to those in need, and at the same time, teaching those being served to turn around and do the same. Let’s face it, now is the time when more kindness is certainly needed.

Olivia’s message, and more importantly, the example that her and her family sets is a shining example of how to raise a family based on the values of serving others.

SMB Podcast Episode 7 JAMIE LANIER

Jamie Lanier

Today on the Soul Minded Business podcast, host JD Ross talks to Jamie Lanier, a trustee of the Ray C. Anderson foundation. Jamie and JD talk about Jamie’s “spear in the chest” moment, how to find purpose in life, and how to be “aggressively patient.”


Terry Tolbert

In today’s episode of the Soul Minded Business podcast, host JD Ross talks to humanitarian Terry Tolbert about his mission work in Africa, and how he was able to find purpose and meaning in life. SUBSCRIBE TO THe PODCAST! Get podcast episode alerts, special announcements, resources & exclusive content. Please enable JavaScript in your browser …

Terry Tolbert Read More »



In this episode of the Soul Minded Business podcast, host JD Ross talks to filmmaker Brett Culp. Brett is known for the films Legends of the Night and Look to the Sky.


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