Soul Minded Business Podcast S2 E4 A Second Chance At Liife

A Second Chance At Life

Alex Evers was the picture of health and running a very successful martial arts studio. Business was good, so good in fact that they were voted Best Martial Arts Studio in Stillwater Oklahoma and were opening up new locations. Alex had personally trained for many years and when it was time to decide on a career, he picked one that he believed would have a very positive impact on the community.

Alex Evers

It was during this time when Alex experienced a health setback that brought him within a couple of hours of losing his life.

What does it look like to have a second chance at life while in your mid 20’s?

In this episode Alex discusses his experience and how it changed his view, or in some cases, confirmed clearly what he already believed. He discusses his faith, business and the value of having an excellent leadership team.  Alex’s desire to build a business based on a high level of service is very clear in this podcast. Listen in and learn how to be one of the very best in any business and build a leadership team of the highest caliber. Alex and his team of leaders sets the example of what it looks like to create a business based on serving others.

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