10 Things That Will Bust Up Your Life

10 Things That Will Bust Up Your Life

10 Things That Will Bust Up Your Life

This post is the first in a two-part series. This one is about “what to do to bust up your life”. The next one is “what to do to build it back again”. Be cautious with this one. Many of these steps “should not be tried at home”... Unless of course your intent is to bust up your life.

  • Listen to the right ( or wrong depending on how you look at it) podcasts. On your way to work, on the treadmill, etc. find a few podcasts to expand your view of life and possibilities. Ones that I found helpful include:

Good Life Project

The James Altrucher Show

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

The Tim Ferriss Show

Don't Keep Your Day Job

  • Pray to be used. If you are the praying type, then start praying to be used for something bigger than yourself. Praying is not enough though. You have to take action on what you hear.
  • Learn new skills,  Expand your knowledge of things that interest you and will move you towards you ultimate goal or dreams. 
  • Make new friends. Step outside your comfort zone and create new relationships with people that live a life similar to the one that you dream about.
  • Ask yourself what gives you Joy. Don't feel guilty about doing this or just start imagining what you do or can do to give you joy. The more that you picture it,  the more you will find yourself moving in that direction.
  • Do stuff that scares you. Make a list of things that you can do that will push you outside your comfort zone. The more of these you do the more courage you will develop to do more.
  • Pause to think. Take time out of each week (each day is even better) to stop get still and meditate or just think. What do you hear in the silence? 
  • Place an emphasis on serving others. Find a way to give back to those in need,  especially the issues that tug at your heart. Doing this will change your perspective
  •  Question what is important.  What really matters in your life? If you're lucky enough to live to be 95,  what would you identify as the things you wish you had done or not done?
  • Write about what you think and feel. Keep a daily journal and write about what you are experiencing. There's something about the writing experience that will unpack issues that you did not even know you were facing.

Next up, how to put your life back together again.

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