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SMB supply chain consulting services provides your organization with strategies that strengthen and boost your competitive industry position. From startup to turnaround, inventory improvement and velocity, cost reduction, cycle time compression, performance improvement, supplier performance, lean supply chain management, SMB develops and implements programs your organization needs for continued success.

Need a Supply Chain & Logistics Expert?

Connect with a SMB Supply Chain & Logistics expert today. SMB has extensive experience in the field of supply chain and logistics. Our experts are here to answer your questions and help you find solutions.

SMB Consultant Group has experience in the following


Supply Chain & Logistics

Need a Supply Chain & Logistics Expert?
SMB has extensive experience in the field of supply chain and logistics. Our experts are here to answer your questions and help you find solutions.

martial arts

MArtial Arts

Curious About Martial Arts?
Discover the value martial arts can bring to you and/or your family. Several of our team members are experienced martial artists and would love to share the benefits.

business start up

Business Start-ups

Need a Business Jump Start?
Our team has assisted several start-up businesses, including our own. Finding the right resources or knowing where to begin can be daunting. SMB is here to help. 

web design

Web Design

Looking to Build a Website?
Talk to one of our team members about creating a brand new website or making enhancements to an existing website.

community service

Community Service

Learn to Serve Your Community. 
One of SMB's passions is to help others find where they can plug in and serve their communities. We are experienced in serving and planning community events.


Business Coaching

Need Leadership Coaching?
Leadership is a challenging journey, and finding the right resources can be difficult. SMB's team has many years of leadership experience and are here to help.

social media

Social Media

Overwhelmed by Social Media Options?
Having a clearly defined social media strategy will help grow your business, raise brand awareness, develop new customers and nurture existing client relationships. 

Special Needs Community

Special Needs/Talents Community

Special Talents Community 
One of our businesses serves the Special Talents(formerly "Needs") Community. It is one of our passions, and we have a board of advisors guiding us on this journey.



Entrepreneurship is a Journey.
Along the way, SMB has experienced both business successes and failures. We'd love to share our business journeys and help guide you through your own.

SMB Consultant Group is a group of people that believe in providing exceptional service. We need to be very intentional to control our growth and ask the right questions to make sure that we are a good match for you. This means that we will be very diligent in our processes and may take more time than most to collect the information necessary to determine your needs.

Interested in receiving coaching, connecting with one of our vendors or have general questions?

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